ebm-papst Automotive & Drives Romania SRL

ebm-papst Rumania is a producer of small electrical motors and fans. We are one of the leading players in the industry of motors for many sectors in Europe and worldwide in terms of quality, quantity and flexibility.

As a worldwide innovation leader in fans and motors with over 15,000 different products, ebm papst has the ideal solution for virtually all air technology and drive engineering tasks.

We started the activity in Oradea in December 2017 with 17 employees. In December 2018 we had 140 employees; then in December 2019 we had 309 employees, one year later we had 372 colleagues and now we are 450.

Our investments in Oradea untill now: € 16,5 million. Being a family company, we have a long term strategy and a multiannual development investment plan which we fulfilled until now. Starting from the foundation every year we extended our production areas.

The milestones:

- April 2018 taking over of the first building

- June 2018 starting of the motors for intralogistic systems and medical industry production

- April 2019 taking over the second building and starting the production in automotive industry

- taking over the third building with 17.600 sqm available for the new projects

In almost 4 years we had a turnover of € 60 million.

In Oradea we are producing now 170 types of electric motors and fans for dozens clients from various industries (intralogistic, medical, automotive) from all continents.

Even if we have the profile of a multinational company, we keep all the advantages of a German family company guided by simple and honest principles. We offer stable jobs in a clean and healty environment. Our work relations are founded on respect and communication.

The Company’s Name: Ebm-Papst Automotive & Drives Romania S.R.L.

The Company’s Legal Form: A Limited Liability Company

The Company’s Registered Office is located at Oradea, 28 B, Calea BorČ™ului, Building C5 and A Area and B Area Building C2, Bihor County

The Company is registered with the Commercial Registry Office under no. J5/2870/2017

The Company’s Sole Registration Code 38458677

The Company’s Share Capital of RON 14,088,900