ebm-papst Rumania is a producer of small electrical motors and fans. We are one of the leading players in the industry of motors for many sectors in Europe and worldwide in terms of quality, quantity and flexibility.

EBM-PAPST AUTOMOTIVE & DRIVES ROMANIA SRL, a subsidiary of the group, was established in Oradea in November 2017.

The company operates in a built-to-suit building by Western Logistics developer in Western Industrial Park Oradea. The building has a total area of 6,300 square meters of which 3,500 square meters represent the production area, 1,500 square meters warehouse and 1,300 square meters of office space and administrative areas.

In 2018, ebm-papst group invested 5 million euros in production lines and equipments in the Oradea plant. The largest investment was in the training and qualification of the 110 employees.

The electric motors produced by the Rumanian plant are intended for different industries: medical (surgical beds, protective masks for risk areas), textile (industrial sewing machines), electronics (conveyor belts), car (various ventilation systems).

The company is constantly expanding its production capacity in Oradea. At the end of 2020, ebm-papst Romania is expected to reach 400 employees.